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How Open Sanctuary Project Increased it’s Website User Engagement by 300%


The Open Sanctuary Project is a freely accessible, rapidly-growing digital guide for anyone looking to create and manage an animal sanctuary. The client was looking for a website redesign and Interaction Labs delivered way more than just a website redesign.




Our Approach

We analyzed the underlying bottlenecks and opportunities to optimize the user experience. We also looked at ways to improve content consumption and build a website truly geared towards conversions.



Discovery and Ideation Workshop

After multiple conversations with the founders, a detailed UX Audit of the website and deep data analytics, we discovered some apparent and major challenges:
The website had a bounce rate of 75% which means the users navigate away from the website without taking any action.
Only 0.05% of the users scrolled to the bottom and subscribed to the Newsletter which was another indicator of low engagement
Page views per session indicated that despite high quality articles, the user interaction with the content was extremely low
Users scroll until 25% of the page depth on most pages of the website because the content is not visible in the top fold.

Site Architecture : Moving from Complexity to Simplicity

The Outcome & Impact

“We are so delighted with the diligence, patience, and cleverness of the whole team – not only does our new website truly help us put our best foot forward in the world, but it’s more functional, more aesthetically pleasing, and simply a better user experience for everyone visiting. We couldn’t recommend enough!”

Mckenzee Griffler

Open Sanctuary

Crafting a Seamless User Experience Through Intuitive Design

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Personalized Iconography

Fun Facts About Cows

Did you know that cows can be rather pleased with themselves? No, really! Studies have shown that cows exhibit excitement and behaviors indicative of pleasure when they accomplish intellectually challenging tasks!
Like other grazing animals, cows have excellent spatial memories and can navigate and remember mazes quite well!
Cows can tell the difference between different shapes (such as a square and a circle), as well as different colors and different sizes of the same shape. Not only can they differentiate between shapes, sizes, and colors, but they can also discriminate between pictures of familiar and unfamiliar cows!

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Powering the digital presence & Groundbreaking Outcomes

As a result of revamping the website, Open Sanctuary website got a new lease of life and 300% higher user engagement.


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