How did a digital public infrastructure company gained 1 million registered users within 12 months?

Skill India Digital


Skill India Digital is specially designed and developed to skill, reskill and upskill Indian individuals through an online training platform, API-based trusted skill credentials, payment and discovery layers for jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.


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Project Background

The Skill India initiative was launched by the Government of India in 2015 with a singular mission – to ensure that India’s workforce becomes employable and future ready.

One Platform, Many Challenges

Skill India Platform’s ambitious vision came with it’s own set of challenges at many different levels. Adding to the complexity was the fact that there was no such platform built anywhere in the world so there were no reference points to draw inspiration from.

Collaboration Challenges

User Challenges

Technology Challenges

Our Approach: Navigating Complexity Through Simplicity

Using a series of immersive discovery sessions, we evolved ideas, and organized them into user journey maps.



High school student : I don’t know what career is best suited for me.

Skill india platform will help student get right counselling thriugh counselling parterner.

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Unorganized Skilled professional
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Job Seeker
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Working Professional
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Hypothesis driven development

Instead of adopting the route to study the market, conducting the survey, we adopted the route of rapid experimentation of ideas by building a set of hypotheses.

We asked ourselves following questions before embracing this approach

  1. How quick is your market or industry’s pace of change?
  2. How mature is the market?
  3. Can people easily imagine what you are proposing to create?
  4. How complex can a product get, are there many moving parts?
  5. How effort intensive is creating a minimally viable offering of your product?
  6. Is there potential for network effects?
  7. Does it require a massive nation-wide marketing campaign & distribution or is there potential for virality?
  8. How easy is it to evolve your offering post launch?
  9. How stable is the socioeconomic environment over the next few years?

The answers to these questions mobilized our efforts towards building the MVP, building fast, and validating the hypothesis.

Wireframes & Design

Creating & Validating functional MVP with User Survey

The first phase of the product was built in 45 days. The goal wasn’t about building a scalable.

The resultant data showed high receptibility towards the concept and affirmation that users will be willing to invest time and resources in the platform. We also identified user bottlenecks and took that as a learning opportunity

The resultant data showed high receptibility towards the concept and affirmation that users will be willing to invest time and resources in the platform. We also identified user bottlenecks and took that as a learning opportunity

Technology stack, but merely an opportunity to represent the ideas in action. The idea was to build fast, and take the product to the end users and validate the hypothesis

The Next Stage of Evolution From MVP to Platform

Equipped with the insights in the MVP stage, it was time to incorporate the learnings into the actual build. The leadership could successfully get the buy-in for the budget and resources to build the platform. The vision evolved from software application to a platform, a Digital Public Infrastructure.

The Next Stage of Evolution From MVP to Platform

The Next Stage of Evolution From MVP to Platform

Over 150 team members from 10 different partner companies, including stalwarts from the Big Four consulting firms, collaborated on the Skill India Digital initiative.

The journey went on for about 12 months to build a robust technology platform with highly scalable architecture. Both web applications with mobile first approach and mobile applications on iOS and android devices were launched.

Backend Engineering

Architecture Counsel

Frontend Development

Project Management Unit

Quality Assurance

Project Management Unit

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Skill Courses

The Outcome & Impact

After 12 months of non-stop development cycle, Skill India came close to making an entry into India’s digital skill ecosystem.

The Outcome

The Impact


Aadhaar-verified users

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Minutes of lessons learned

The Skill India Digital initiative, under the aegis of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, was launched with the ambition to bridge the skill gap in the Indian workforce, ensuring that individuals are prepared for the global job market.

The Way Ahead

Skill India Digital

Skill India Digital is a constantly evolving platform with a myriad range of challenges and opportunities. We are playing a proactive role in the evolution of this platform through these initiatives.

Recognizing the value of collaboration, Skill India Digital constantly pursues integrating third-party platforms and tools. These integrations will enrich the user experience by providing more resources, tools, and functionalities. It’s a strategic move to ensure that users don’t have to hop between multiple platforms and can find all they need within the same ecosystem.

Regular research is undertaken to identify user challenges. The user-centric approach ensures the platform remains relevant, efficient, and intuitive for its audience.

Skill India Digital

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