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From conceptualization to impact, how Skill India Digital went on to become a million user strong platform

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Skill India Digital is specially designed and developed to skill, reskill and upskill Indian individuals through an online training platform, API-based trusted skill credentials, payment and discovery layers for jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.

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A national level technology platform with diverse users types, each with highly personalized needs

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Full Stack development covering Prototyping, UX Research, UX, UI, and Engineering.

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1 million user registrations and 120,000+ app downloads in 60 days post launch. Convergence of government programs into a highly personalized, secure and user friendly platform.

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Type of Project

Technology Platform

Web application

Mobile Application

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UX Strategy

UX Design & Prototyping

UI Development

Application Development & Engineering

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Tools & Platforms

  • Nod.Js
  • React Native
  • Nest.Js
  • React
  • Typescript
  • Postgres
  • AWS


The Skill India initiative was launched by the Government of India in 2015 with a singular mission - to ensure that India’s workforce becomes employable and future ready. It is a unified strategy to make India’s 400 million strong workforce, the global "skill capital".

SID Background Platform

What makes this project unique and challenging is the fact that it is the world's biggest government lead tech skilling initiative.

Since its launch in August 2023 the Skill India platform has seen over 1 million user registrations and 120,000+ app downloads.

The Skill India platform’s goal is to put in place a digital infrastructure to organize its vast skilled manpower so it can evolve and connect with the industry needs.

Skill India Platform: The Three Pillars of Growth

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Improve the overall skilling ecosystem in the country by ensuring inclusivity and creating avenues for lifelong learning.

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electronically verifiable 'Trust' through proof of education, skills, work, and reputation.

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Skill training with industry demand to make India the "skill capital" of the world.

One Platform, Many Challenges

Skill India Platform’s ambitious vision came with it’s own set of challenges at many different levels. By it’s nature, the project was a start-up with multi-layered decision makers and a vast number of use cases that needed to be incorporated.

Adding to the complexity was the fact that there was no such platform built anywhere in the world so there were no reference points to draw inspiration from.

The stakeholders knew the market needs and the user problems. When we started out, the platform had so many pieces of the puzzle that were not even discovered - let alone solving them.

User Challenges

  • A broad spectrum of audience covering blue collar workers to white collar professionals.
  • Diverse users types with highly personalized needs.
  • Prioritizing user data integrity (through eKYC) without complicating the user experience.

Collaboration Challenges

  • Collaboration with nearly a dozen specialized partners.
  • Highly distributed team verticals located in three different parts of the country.
  • Multiple levels of reporting as well as approval cycles

Technology Challenges

  • With no direct analogs to Skill India Digital, we were in uncharted territory.
  • Multiple skill integrators and solution providers under a common ecosystem created a complex development environment
  • Integrity of security, performance and scalability given the mission critical nature of the project involving millions of users with first party data.

Our Approach: Navigating Complexity Through Simplicity

Design Thinking & Rapid Prototyping

Using a series of immersive discovery sessions, we evolved ideas, and organized them into user journey maps.

Skilling & Upgradation
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High school student, I don't know what career is best suited for me.

Skill india platform will help student get right counselling thriugh counselling parterner.

Exploration Stage
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I need help finding right training center to upgrade my skill, looking for a right course

Skilling engine recommends right course & offer digital, offline and hybrid training opportunities

career progression
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Unorganized skilled professional

I have a certain skill, can anyone help me certify those skills such that i can prove my skill to potential empower

Access to assessment to validation & certify skills of the individual through partners

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Job Seeker

Not sure if there is any job in the market for the skill i have acquired, can you help me get right employment opportunity

Demand patterns and insights, plus opportunities to connect with employees for jobs

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Working Professional

I need higher paying job, can anyone help me know what course is best suited for me for career progression?

System rates the learner lavel, recommends right course and provides insights,counselling

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  • Immersion in the user’s experience, shifting teams mindset toward a better understanding of those being designed for
  • Building alignment as insights are translated into design criteria, moving the team toward convergence around what really matters to users.
  • Encourages the emergence of fresh ideas through a focused inquiry, shifting team members toward a limited but diverse set of potential new solutions
  • Pre-experiences to users through very rough prototypes to get accurate feedback at low cost and an understanding of potential solutions’ true value.
  • Helping stakeholders build a shared commitment and confidence in the new product or strategy.

Hypothesis driven development

Instead of adopting the route to study the market, conducting the survey, we adopted the route of rapid experimentation of ideas by building a set of hypotheses.

Hypothesis Image

We asked ourselves following questions before embracing this approach

  • How quick is your market or industry’s pace of change?
  • How mature is the market?
  • Can people easily imagine what you are proposing to create?
  • How complex can a product get, are there many moving parts?
  • How effort intensive is creating a minimally viable offering of your product?
  • Is there potential for network effects?
  • Does it require a massive nation-wide marketing campaign and distribution or is there potential for virality?
  • How easy is it to evolve your offering post launch?
  • How stable is the socioeconomic environment over the next few years?

The answers to these questions mobilized our efforts towards building the MVP, building fast, and validating the hypothesis.

Creating functional MVP

The first phase of the product was built in 45 days. The goal wasn't about building a scalable.

MVP Objective

  • Build Fast.
  • Faster go to market.?
  • Test idea with the end use
  • Validate the idea with the end user.
  • Build product with frugal budget

Technology stack, but merely an opportunity to represent the ideas in action. The idea was to build fast, and take the product to the end users and validate the hypothesis

Validating MVP with User Survey

Our partner conducted an end user survey by offering the product to a focus group. Usability testing was conducted by giving the test group a set of tasks and goals

The resultant data showed high receptibility towards the concept and affirmation that users will be willing to invest time and resources in the platform. We also identified user bottlenecks and took that as a learning opportunity

The Next Stage of Evolution From MVP to Platform

Equipped with the insights in the MVP stage, it was time to incorporate the learnings into the actual build. The leadership could successfully get the buy-in for the budget and resources to build the platform. The vision evolved from software application to a platform, a Digital Public Infrastructure.

The platform was organized into multiple teams c with highly specialized skills.

  • Over 150 team members from 10 different partner companies, including stalwarts from the Big Four consulting firms, collaborated on the Skill India Digital initiative.
  • UI Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • Frontend Development
  • UI Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • GIS Module
  • Backend Engineering
  • Functional Team
  • Telemetry and data Analytics
  • Architecture Counsel
  • Project Management Unit

The journey went on for about 12 months to build a robust technology platform with highly scalable architecture. Both web applications with mobile first approach and mobile applications on iOS and android devices were launched.

The Outcome

After 12 months of non-stop development cycle, Skill India came close to making an entry into India's digital skill ecosystem.

  • Design assets and component libraries with standardized usage guidelines
  • Mobile application built on React Native for both iOs and Android. Web application built on Angular 8 framework.
  • Integration of all public schemes, ensuring that users have a unified experience on a single interface.
  • Applications for ITIs across India shifted to this digital space, obviating the need for students to physically visit multiple desks.
  • This digital shift, paired with the ease of use and Aadhar-verified user data, bolstered public participation immensely.
  • Prominent schemes like Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna and Vishwakarma Scheme also migrated their application processes to this platform. This integration presented users with a streamlined application process and further reinforced the platform's utility.
  • Prominent schemes like Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna and Vishwakarma Scheme also migrated their application processes to this platform. This integration presented users with a streamlined application process and further reinforced the platform's utility.
  • By prioritizing the needs and convenience of the public, Skill India Digital achieved significant user engagement. The platform's user-friendly design and secure verification process encouraged both individual users and public entities to actively participate, fostering a harmonious skilling ecosystem.
  • By prioritizing the needs and convenience of the public, Skill India Digital achieved significant user engagement. The platform's user-friendly design and secure verification process encouraged both individual users and public entities to actively participate, fostering a harmonious skilling ecosystem.
  • Skill India Digital was designed to be modular and scalable, ensuring that as the skilling landscape evolves, the platform can seamlessly adapt. Its design also facilitates third-party integrations, amplifying its reach and functionality. This future-ready approach ensures that Skill India Digital remains at the forefront of India's skilling narrative.
  • The platform's success is also attributed to the continuous capacity building of its administrators and associated entities. A blend of virtual and on-ground training ensured that all stakeholders were well-versed in the platform's intricacies. Coupled with a dedicated support system, Skill India Digital ensured that any challenges faced were promptly addressed, guaranteeing smooth operations and an optimal user experience.

Platform highlights

System features

  • Global search & faceted search to narrow down search results for all services
  • Notification engine and users ability to set preferences
  • User registry & verified digital credentials for users to take benefit of services
  • Single entry point, and access to a variety of services for each user type. Easy user persona gets a unique dashboard, and interface to manage services. A user can be assigned multiple role personna, and seamlessly switch its role through a single interface.
  • Universal form for learners to enrich profile as well as apply for all the services configured in the platform
  • Aadhar based eKYC & DigiLocker enabled document download and profile setup
  • Users can discover opportunities for sectors, NSQF aligned QP’s(qualification pack), and NOS’s.
  • Mult-lingual Interface, ability configure interface in multiple languages
  • Location based recommendations
  • WCAG 4.0 AA compliant
  • Mobile responsive interface, adaptable to majority of device resolutions
  • SSO Enabled
  • SSO Enabled

The Impact

The Skill India Digital initiative, under the aegis of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, was launched with the ambition to bridge the skill gap in the Indian workforce, ensuring that individuals are prepared for the global job market.

Through its features and broad vision, it not only revolutionized the skilling landscape in India but is also molding a future that is equitable, innovative, and prosperous.

  • 1 million+

    Aadhar-verified users

  • 100,000+

    App downloads

  • 150,000+

    Minutes of lessons learned

This extensive engagement ensures that learners are not just registering but are actively upgrading their skills, indicating a tangible and actionable impact on the ground.

In essence, the Skill India Digital initiative has made significant strides in its mission to skill, reskill, and upskill India's vast population.

As the platform continues to evolve and expand its offerings, it is poised to further solidify India’s position as a global talent hub.

The Way Ahead

Skill India Digital is a constantly evolving platform with a myriad range of challenges and opportunities. We are playing a proactive role in the evolution of this platform through these initiatives.

Recognizing the value of collaboration, Skill India Digital constantly pursues integrating third-party platforms and tools. These integrations will enrich the user experience by providing more resources, tools, and functionalities. It's a strategic move to ensure that users don't have to hop between multiple platforms and can find all they need within the same ecosystem.

Regular research is undertaken to identify user challenges. The user-centric approach ensures the platform remains relevant, efficient, and intuitive for its audience.

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